Paddle 50 Guessing Game

So in preparation of canoecopia, I’m presenting, I wanted to show pictures of paddling environments around the United States. So I made it into a game to give viewers a purpose and get them thinking about different parts of the country… Now I’ve uploaded the file to youtube. This will be the first 8 minutes of my presentation. If you keep track of your points you can have bragging rights on this message board and if I’m paddling in your part of the country I’ll buy you a beer. Game takes 8 minutes to complete.


Fun. But I’m embarrassed to say I got less than half correct

That’s amazing - very cool. I stopped keeping track, but I was pretty bad too. Have you been to all 50 states?

“Have you been to all 50 states?” No. I’m at 40. My problem is I keep paddling new places in other states I’ve already done on my way to “new” states. Slows the process down a bit. I hope to start on Texas, Montana, Nevada and California this year. There are some states I don’t have pictures. The game is tough. I had my friends play at a local paddle club meeting and gave a gift card to the winner. They got 17 right and had the advantage of having paddled with me in a few of the pictures/states.

The whole idea of “soft competition” is to establish a purpose for watching. The pictures are nice but not great. By putting the pictures in a game format it gets folks thinking about different places as paddling destinations and maybe they are less focused on my photography skills…and Eck I have never paddled in Rhode Island!

In terms of environment, I need to get some more coastal stuff, like tidal creeks and protected bays in the game and replace some of the pics. For sure I’ve done a lot less of that and have even fewer pictures. Images of different paddle craft, people, and wildlife pictures are part of the main presentation.


Nice - and a great idea for a talk. I guess I was hitting at about 66%, though I’ll have to take a bit more time to complete.
See you at canoecopia! Too bad we didn’t get a picture of that armadillo that dropped in on us in Ark. If I saw a picture of him I’d have guessed Texas.

I got 8 wrong. How many were there total?

35 in all, if you got all but 8 you did fantastic, score of 27

yeah Pat it will be good to see you again. No pictures of armadillos, I’ve got a water moccasin, an alligator, a seal, a monkey, and a pacific northwest banana slug!

Since your profile says you like Southern swamps, I’d say Caddo Lake would be a good Texas destination.

Ill check it out!

There are lots of southern swamps and Castoff and I have paddled several in coastal SC.
Look up the Edisto River. Lots of swamp along it. Also the Waccamaw River near Myrtle Beach.

In a good year I’ll paddle in all six New England states. Outside New England the only state I have paddled in is NY - kind of embarrassing.

I guess if there are lots of places to paddle local then why travel :wink:

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to get away from the cold :man_shrugging:

Good answer!

Hey String, i tried spending the day paddling a swamp that flows into the edisto a little over a year ago. Too many hunters (week of thanksgiving) so we just spent more time on the edisto itself

So i have my favorite rivers back home that i repeated a lot, new river gorge 500 + trips, gauley 100 + trips, unfortunately i’ve aged out of those runs, looking for something easier and different, so i drive a lot further a d spend most of my time on easier stuff

I’ve been on the Edisto
during hunting season. I also stay in the main body. One time a spooked buck swam almost to our canoe before he realized we were there.