Paddle advice for river SOT

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Hey guys
I have a heritage angler 10(first kayak), which is basically a native redfish. I use it for exploring mild rivers and streams where I do a lot of upstream paddling
I'm 6'3" and I think the yak is 30" wide

Right now I'm considering the aquabound stingray and Carlisle expedition, after doing some research here on budget paddles.
But I'm wondering if the paddle upgrade will be a significant and improvement and worthwhile investment for me over the $25 no limits paddle I'm using now.

Buying a paddle in that $150-200 range almost always provides a noticeable benefit and more enjoyable paddling experience, but may not be enough to let you overcome the stream currents you are fighting, if that is the main goal of buying a new paddle.

Most of my paddling is done uostream, but I wasn’t sure if a 150 dollar paddle would offer a significant improvement for me over the cheapo I have now, and if those two would be a wise choice

So yes on the paddle
I actually took several paddles out on the lake one day last year, and was really relieved that my new paddle ( I replaced an older aqua bound with an updated one) was not only better than my old one, but a lot better than the back up one - and that was way better than the rentals…

I was able to pick up a different paddle immediately to try it in the same boat on the same current, so there was no “I wonder if I’m imagining this” effect, the kayak really was going farther on each stroke.

I Use A Big Spoon 240
To paddle my WS Tarpon 160 up fairly strong currents on the Colorado River. I hate to think what a smaller blade would be like.

It’s a fight, sometimes, to battle that current. Sometimes I’m doing well and then suddenly I find myself in swift current right along shore.

I really like the Sting ray
Shorter paddles are often best. White water paddlers rarely use longer than 200 CM. My AB Manta Ray was special ordered at 205 CM, great for wider boats in rivers and surf.

bending branches
I just noticed that bb has angler-sprcific paddles – don’t know if that’s mostly gimmick or legit – might be worth a look.

I like the Stingray, but I have to wonder if the blade is large enough to push a 30" wide boat upstream. Aquabound makes very nice paddles for the price, so you may want to look at their Manta Ray instead.

How long

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What length of manta ray would you guys suggest for me? Im tall, and pretty strong and athletic
Which version shouldni get if I want the more durable(?) Blades since I do paddle in a lot of shallow water, use it to push off of objects and rocks ect

Thanks guys!

Touring Kayaks Track
WW kayaks don’t. Paddling techniques for the two are quite different. WW kayaks are drift boats.

With a longer paddle you get more leverage by holding your hands farther apart.

So should I really go with a 250cm like their chart suggests?

So maybe 240 then…

Realize that a paddle is a lever and you

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are the fulcrum. The longer the paddle and the bigger the blade the more force applied to your body.
If you can handle it, great!
Many of us started with the wrong paddle for our bodies. I started with a 240 that you could dig holes and split firewood with.
Now I use a 220 that weighs a pound. It makes a huge difference. The boats are basically the same.

String Is Correct
I’ve paddled a 14’ Perception Illusion in rapids up to class IV. I use a 240. It takes that kind of leverage to turn a kayak that tracks.

240 manta ray hybrid it is
So I just decided to go with the 240 manta ray hybrid. I’m 6’3", pretty strong and fit, and I paddle a 30-32" wide SOT that does track. I hope I made the right decision. Thanks for all the input