Paddle Advice for the Cash Challenged

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I am severely cash poor at this moment, but I am also obsessed with kayaking. I would like some advice on a decent cheap paddle. It only has to last for a couple of months...
When I say cheap, I mean between $20-$30. Used is okay.
I am 6 foot tall, using a 28" wide kayak. My trips are almost entirely on quiet water, no rapids or large waves at all.

Greenland Paddle
You can build one for just a few bucks and not outgrow it. Do some research on them and think about it. You can likely build one for just a few bucks and they are fun to build…even more fun to use.

Cheers…Joe O’

There’s a guy on eBay,
(A retired engineer, I think) who makes simple kayak paddles that are exceptional for their being in the $20 range. Aluminum shafts, two part with ferrules and some kind of heavy-duty composite symmetrical blades. I recall he calls his business Leisure Sports. The first paddles we got for the twin Loon, years ago, were made by him.

DIY Euro Paddle
We’ve made and used these for years - light, fast and easy to make, and as good as any paddle in the $150 range I’ve ever used. Takes about $20 in materials and a days on-and-off work to make one…

Call up all the local outfitters
and see if any are closing shop for the winter and might have some beater ones that they want to get rid of for your price.



Excellent advice from all. I appreciate the replies!

I probably won’t be making one right away, but it is something to think about for the months when the ice is to thick to paddle.

check craigslist
or if you have any friends that paddle, see if you can borrow a paddle.

This time of the year some outfitters sell their past years rental paddles cheap.I have gotten some great deals and some are nearly perfect shape.


A canoe paddle!
A canoe paddle will work fine for a couple months or forever! Get a short one of about 48 to 54 inches at the most.

$20 - $30 for a good canoe paddle?
I haven’t seen any.

Canoe Paddle
I have only been paddling for a short period and I am still learning proper paddling techniques. I think using a canoe paddle will actually set me back a little bit.

BUT I do appreciate the reply!

I have checked out a lot of stores on line, but I am not really seeing any paddle deals. Do most places just not advertise these kind of deals?

Craigs List or DIY
Post an ad on craigslist - you might be able to find a decent paddle in that price range.

Make your own. You can make a paddle for $30-$40 if you have access to woodworking tools and a little skil.

These actually work quite well.

I would imagine you could make a very inexpensive greenland paddle, but have never tried.

these look good …

$20-$30 is too cheap for retail
there might be some rental places selling $50 paddles for $30 but not from big box stores. When you’re looking at that cheap of a paddle you might as well be looking at yard sales and Craiglist. That’s why the recomendation for making one.

GPs are very cheap to make

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Even if you spring for a western red cedar 2x4, you're talking under $20 for the materials. If you can find a decent S/P/F stud, you can make one for a couple of bucks, though it will be heavier and more prone to warping.

Paddle deal of the century -
While looking for paddling apparel deals, I found this:

Good luck!

Actually a single blade
will make you a better paddler. Maybe you should not be so closed minded?

Close minded? Yikes, LOL!.

I am sorry I offended you, as I have said numerous times, I am a newb. everything I have been told is to find a proper kayak paddle that suits my style of paddling. I don’t understand how using a paddle for a canoe will help me perfect my kayak paddling. I would appreciate if you would open my mind to how this helps… far more productive than insults.

not strong
a beat up Carlisle or carved 2x4 would be better