Paddle and SUP board advice

I am looking for help on getting the largest possible break-down full carbon paddle for paddling and a recommendation on a ~17’ x ~26.5" racing board.
I used to kayak with a 3-piece 595 x 183mm carbon wing blade, 36 mm deep until it was stolen and I have trouble finding a SUP blade that is large enough for my style of paddling.
The larges blade I could find is 120sqi, but the one I used was ~145 sqi.
Can anybody get me in touch with someone who makes custom carbon fiber paddles?
Many thanks! :smile:

If you’re in the Midwest, contact Trey Rouss of The Power of Water, East Lansing, MI.

He’s an ACA certified kayak and SUP ninja and may be able to help.

Open from noon to 6 p.m. weekdays.