Paddle As Decoration

I have an empty wall in my den and thought my wooden kayak paddle would work as art, rather than spending $100 plus on something framed. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to use to mount a kayak paddle to drywall? How bout the little black plastic clips that you use to clip a paddle to your boat? Anyone else use their paddles as decorations?

We have a couple of smaller ones…
…that we won as trophies in races, (kind of neat).

I used two eye screws and then picture hangers.

On drywall you can also use molly screws or the winged drywall hangers.



I used wood curtain rod hooks
I have two canoe paddles hanging over my doors in the living room. The paddle shafts just sit right in the wood curtain rod hooks. They look very rustic.

I keep 3 greenland paddles on the living room wall with wooden curtain rod holders. They were from Lowes for about $7.00 a pair. Added some closed cell foam to the inside to hold them a little bit better, but wasn’t really necessary.

I have a really old canoe paddle
my grandfather used to use as decoration. I used cup hooks, but thats what i had in the fasteners bin at the time.

Any of the above

or finishing nails to rest the paddle on.

or a shelf

or a light pound test fishing line loped around and connected to small nail.

or gorilla glue (not recommended)

or nice little leather shoe laces or straps for an authentic look

or gun rack

or fishing pole rack



Slightly OT, Memory zing
Reminds me of the paddles from Boy Scout trips to North Woods. Everyone bought a North Woods logo canoe paddle and all signed autographs on them. Pretty cool souvenir. I wonder where they are now?


I used wood curtain rod holders also.
I have a paneled wall so I stained them a matching color.

My twist
I took some cedar strips left over from a boat and glued them up and laminated them to a 1/2 backer board and then cut it out in the shape of a canoe, then I put in three sets of wooden mug pegs. Three canoe paddles hang nicely, but would work for double enders too.


thank you all
See, I’m glad I asked. Several ideas that I hadn’t thought of.

Has anyone used these?

Yeah, Leather
That’s what I used for a mountain dulcimer hanging on my wall.

Wood looks a lot better.

Greenland paddle
in my bed room mounted with brass coat hooks.

By the way, I will have to hang the kayak paddle diagonally so that it fits on the wall, otherwise it’s too long.

Could I still use curtain rod holders?

curtain rod holders
serve here, tho not exactky decorative in purpose. they are over the door where i go out to paddle. keep em handy

Suction cups

drill a hole
I drill a 1/16 " hole in the paddle shaft (very shallow - NOT all the way through) and then hang the paddle from a finishing nail. This is especially nice because there is no hardware to detract from the beauty of the paddle. I still use the paddles regularly, and have not had any problems.