Paddle Bag Plans

I just returned from a trip to central Ontario were I was able to find and purchase a real nice walnut otter tail paddle. Now I don’t want to just put in the corner of my garage with the plastic paddles or even with my Sawyer special.

Does anybody know where I can find some simple plans to make a paddle bag?



Rifle "Sock"
You could just use a “sock” like they sell for rifles and shotguns at sporting goods stores. They cost less than $10.

You don’t really need plans – just make a long flat rectangular bag.

I bought a childs snow ski bag…

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but you could make one similarly.

We added a strap at the top with a 'biner to hang it up with. it has nice padded straps and a full length zipper. Ebay'd for about $15.00. Nice blue color...

If you can hold out until spring, you may find some closeouts locally.

check this one him for length...

Custom made Levi covers
1. Take an old pair of jeans.

2. Sew bottom of legs shut.

3. (optional) Cut in two from crotch upward, sew edges if you want.

4. (optional) add velcro closure at top.

It doesn’t look real pretty but it’s good durable 100% recycled material ;o)>

If your fastidious you could by denim fabric too.


Old sweat pants make good bags.
Same as using jeans, but easier to sew.

Towel works well
I bought a nice fluffy towel and made a bag for my kayak Paddles. The towel protects it from bumps and scrapes, and also absorbs any water still on the paddle when you put it away.

For a single Canoe paddle, just fold over and sew it to size that you need. I folded and sewed a 1" seam along the top, and put a draw string in it. For Kayak Paddles, I fold mine 3 times, to make 2 compartments. You just need a wider towel to do this.

When all done sewing, turn it inside out and all of the seams are then inside. This looks nicer.

I use Lawn Chair bags
I have some of those newer style lawn chairs that are made of pack cloth and have fiberglass or aluminum legs. The bags that the chairs came in are the perfect size for my paddles. They are made of a heavy pack cloth and have a drawcord at the top. About the only improvement would be to add some padding but that could be easily added this winter.

Lots of great suggestions above on DIY paddle bags.

BLK, I don’t know which brand of walnut otter tail paddle you picked up in Ontario, but I suspect it may be a Turtle Brand (if so it’ll have the distinctive Turtle logo painted on the blade). Being made of walnut you are right to be concerned about protecting it. Though a very beautiful wood walnut is relatively soft (compared to some other hardwoods) and can dent rather easily.

If it is a Turtle you might want to consider simply buying one of their paddle bags to protect your paddle. As you’ll see at the link below these are made of fleece, have the Turtle logo embroidered on them and a drawstring top. To me they seem reasonably priced at $25.

FWIW, I purchased a Turtle Brand otter tail paddle myself a couple of weeks ago while I was in Ontario, mine is ash. In a very short amount of time it’s become one of my favorite paddles. I’d rate it as almost as nice as my Ray Kettlewell paddle – which is a high compliment in my book.

Lots of creative ideas!
Thanks for all the great ideas. I thought that it was fairly simple, but you have all given me just a few more ideas to think about and some to use.

The paddle is a 60 inch solid walnut from Langford. The gun case idea seemed great, but I checked Cabela’s and a few other sporting goods web sites. The longest rifle sock that I could find is only 54 incles.

I really like wjlatsha’s idea of the 3-way folded towel. My wife volunteered to sew something for me out of either a big towel or fabric. This will provide a little extra protection and I’ll have space for her paddle too.