Paddle Bag

I was wondering what paddle bag is best for my 2 piece wing paddle. I hate to get it beat up but I hate to pay $70 for a bag. Anyone have one they want to sell or where the best deal might be??

Less than $70
You don’t have to spend $70.

Just $66.50!

In all seriousness this is the cheapest one I’ve seen out there…

Know anybody who sews
Get some nylon, have them measure and sew in some foam padding. I bet you can get one for under $20.


How about $20

I’ve had a big sprint wing in one, togther and folded over (longer as far as bag is concerned).

Not pretty/custom with zippers and handles and all like the $70 bags - and not what you’d want for air travel, but for protection before/after paddles it should do the trick.

I use
gun bags. Work really well, they’re padded, and I’ve found them for less than $20. Plus, you get some interesting looks when you pull them out of your car!

Snow skii bags work well. I picked up one in REI’s attic for around $10.00.

I found a…
Wave-board bag at a thrift store for $4.

It is padded and holds 4 break-down paddles.

Plus it has a handle and shoulder sling.

My other ones are a compound bow bag and a captains chair bag.

Just cut a piece of closed cell foam and a sheet of masonits to provide padding and support.

Martin Creek
I was going to suggest a paddle case from these nice folks, but I see that they have discontinued production. Pity - they were well made and competitively priced.


You can also get some interesting looks from TSA people at the airport. I use the NRS bag and they still ask if there is a gun inside and always open it to be sure.

I just saw someone yesterday with an interesting paddle bag. Just for protection from bumps and scratches in the trunk. I was shocked when I got a closer look and saw that it was an old pair of drawstring sweat pants with the ankles sewn up!


Rifle case
I use a hard plastic rifle case clearly marked “No Fire Arms, Kayak Paddles”

I take it on planes each year and it always gets a serious look.

Perhaps I should scrape off the Master Corporal McGruer, strange number and Airborne crest.

I stuff a PFD, a nice paddle, a dry suit, a tow rope, a small paddling knife taped to the side of the case, a compass, GPS, a marine VHF. It’s tight but it works well. The knife is placed at the side of the case to keep it out of trouble and on an X ray it is just a flat bit of steel rather than a 4 inch scary thing.

This sport is fun, the fun does not have to start and stop on the water.

Don’t take flares on a plane.

They are about $20.00 + at Wall Mart. Mine is Pelican so garners attention.

Paddle Bag
We use a surplus military duffel bag purchased for $ 17.00. Roomy enough for other items as well. Have a smaller military laundry bag for the top of the paddle shafts to protect them from dirt & dust out in the garage.

Accent makes one: $45 from Cascade
It is Cordura outside, heavy taffeta inside, padded, and it has pockets to hold at last two 2-piece paddles. My husband and I each got one.

Just sew
I used scrap fabric. Cost $0.00. Even a total rookie could sew one by hand (needle and thread) style. IMHO this is better than any of the inexpensive junk listed above. Not made by children making 25 cents/day, packaged in a container, shipped across an ocean, put on a truck and delivered to you at your local Walmart/BassPro/GanderMt, etc.

This is just my opinion.

Gun "Sock"
Most any large gunshop sells a thing like a giant tube sock to cover rifles that works very well for less than $10

Hard to find long ones
Ones I sell are long enough for a one piece paddle, or to fold over when paddle’s taken apart so the halves aren’t touching/rubbing…