Paddle Bags?

Anyone have any suggestions on a good paddle bag for 2-part sea kayak paddles? I see a few on the web but our local shop doesn’t stock them.

We’ve got 4 paddles to carry regularly, all are 215cm-220cm.

Youth Snow Board Bag
I have a youth snow board bag that carries 4-5 paddles.

For single paddles I use a “gun sock” that are used to cover rifles. You can find them at any sporting goods stores/

great idea!
good ideas, thanks. i’ll think about these.

as mentioned a bit back, patrick at onno has an excellent divided bag for a two piece paddle - he was still fine tuning it, so i was able to buy a couple of his trial models at a good savings - very heavy grade material, and nice workmanship - contact him if interested - you won’t be disappointed

Martin Creek
I have a MC zippered paddle bag, and am able to cram 3 two-piece paddles into it. You can also use it as a sitting pad at lunch! MC also seems to have reasonable prices.


Make your own paddle bag!
I bought a heavy bath towel, which was longer than the longest piece of the paddle when taken apart. I folded it lengthwise in thirds, to make 2 compartments. I sewed the edges, and one end shut. I rolled over the open end, and sewed the edge to make a tunnel. I fed a drawstring thru the tunnel, and put a string lock on it.

Now each paddle will have a seperate compartment, to keep them from scratching each other (wood), and the heavy towel protects them from being scratched or knocked around. If you put them in the bag wet, the towel absorbs the moisture, but wicks it to the outside and dries itself. They work real well, as I have made several sets.

Just measure the length of the longest section, and the width of the paddle blade. Make sure the towel will allow a bag that is a bit wider and longer than this. I like “Tinkering”, and this gave me something to do one winter day, and saved a lot of money!



Tom has one
Tom has one on his site. Do not know if it would hold all in one bag. Tom is a great source for help:

My wife made something similar, except that she used synthetic fleece for faster drying.

Martin Creek
I recently got the Martin Creek bag designed to carry up to four paddles. It is fabulous. I always get inquiries and compliments when people see it.

My everloving “bride” made…
…ours for our older yak paddles, but our newer Epics comes with a bag.

I guess that is what all the extra bucks that you pay for the Epics are for.

I like the “bride’s” better. The Epics are so tight that the drip rings catch when you put the paddles in the bag.



or youth ski bag
I have a youth ski bag we bought on ebay for $20. It is VERY nice and holds 2 2-part paddles with room to spare. Wifey sewed a webbing loop on the small end to hang it up in the barn. shweet…