Paddle bags

My Mother Inlaw wants to sew me a paddle bag for my Wernner.Has anybody got some pictures of anything they have done.Or some ideas they would incorperate into a comercial one.Pictures would be helpful to her.



Fleece Gun Sock
Worked for me for years. WW

Try this, it works!
I took a large bath towel, and folded it 2 times length wise. This gives you a long narrow 3 layer “sock”. I folded it along the long length at the 1/3 point, and folded the other 1/3 over on top of it.

Sew along the 3 long sides, and the one end. This makes a nice sock with a divider between the two paddles. After sewing, turn it inside out and this hides the stitches.

If you want to put a draw string on the open end, you fold over that end about 1", and sew that before you fold over the long folds. Then you can snake a string thru the end loop, and put a spring loaded catch on the strings.

This works really well. It protects them from scratches and the towel absorbs any water on them and wicks it away as it dries. You only have to worry about any crushing blows, but only a hard side case would protect from that.

Pick your favorite color towel, and go for it!

Old School REI Ski Bag
Used it for years as it was intended. Simple cotton duck bag. Open end with ties. Probably not made any longer. Holds my Ikelos and Onno Full Tour.

My wife got a paddle case
thrown in when she bought her first kayak. Dumb me, said “how come he gave you a guncase?” It is made out of a heavy nylon pack cloth, lined with poly-fleece and with a full length zipper. Kind of neat actually, and protects her Kalliste when it get put in the back of the SUV.

Northwater designs makes a nice one, but
dam that towel idea sounds good. crafty solution mate.

you can go to the Northwater website for pictures.

Made 2 so far

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I made two paddle bags so far. After I made mine, my wife wanted one for her paddles. Since I can sew actually better than she can, I made her one. I like making things, just so I can have the fun of creating something. The Towel was only a couple of bucks at Wall-Mart too.

It is always good to "make a few points" with the wife! :)