Paddle Bags

If you’re looking for an inexpensive paddle bag, try a gun bag(? not sure what they’re actually called). We’ve got some here for $10-25 (some go up to $50, but I was looking for inexpensive). Get the ones made for a scoped rifle. They also come in different lengths, measure your paddle first. Also, this would be for two-piece paddles.

Good Idea
as long are not planning to take them on a plane. Gun cases start at about 40" and would be plenty large enough to accomodate most 2 piece paddles.

Gun Socks
They make a big tube sock kinda thing for rifles that also makes a good paddle bag, and they only cost a few bucks.

I have a kids snow board bag that I store 5-6 paddles in the garage. I used to use the gun socks to take individual paddles on trips, but to be honest, I don’t bother that much anymore. I usually just throw 3-4 expensive paddles in the back of the truck.

After all, a well used paddle is the mark of an exprienced boater…

ems has them on sale sometimes

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usually only ~15-20$ or so....
mine just holds my wife's paddles....not mine...never need one...used so often...

Snowboard Bags
I got a couple from Campmor for abot $17 each.

They work well for canoe paddles, 2 piece yak paddles and most of my sailing gear.