Paddle between Minneapolis and St. Paul?

I know there are a few dams and sometimes a lot of boat traffic. Just curious if it is practical or not.


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on where you start in Mpls. Below the Ford dam (Hidden Falls) it's a straight shot w/no dams/locks to get in the way. Make sure you have a pickup at the downstream end. It's a bear going back the other way (for us wimps anyway).

Boats: there's some traffic. Weekends can be busy. Not too much of a problem unless they try to do you a favor and slow down when they get close. Except for the towboat/barges. Stay clear of them.

Ford Plant?

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I haven't lived here all that long, but I assume you are talking about putting in south of the Ford Plant and then continuing south? So it's not really possible to go from Minneapolis (downtown area) to St. Paul because of the hydroelectric dam?

You can go from Minneapolis to St. Paul, you just have to go through a couple locks, not a big deal.

Here is a link to a PDF map with details

That map is really helpful. I tried looking for something like that on the MN DNR website, but must have missed it.

All the paddling route maps are available free from the DNR. You can email them and have them sent or you can pick them up at the DNR office in St. Paul.

I’d like to try that trip
Anyone looking to do this trip this summer? I’d be interested in coming along if schedules permit.

I sent you an email.