Paddle board challenge - show me your paddle board photos

Hello from Rotorua, New Zealand! Today my daughter and I had the whole lake to ourselves as we went out on the paddle board (see photo below).
Admin please delete if you think this post breaks any of your rules. This week I have set my friends and I a challenge of getting off the couch every day and doing some kind of exercise. Yesterday I went out running and posted photos and then we had people join in on the challenge and they posted photos of what they were doing in the way of exercise. We had people posting photos of them biking and out running. Today for my exercise it was paddle boarding. I only have one friend who paddle boards but I would love to inspire and encourage others to paddle board and would love to get paddle board photos from all over the world. If you are keen to be apart of the challenge by posting some paddle boarding photos and saying where in the world you are from head over to

Your topic should have been placed in the SUP category: “SUP is a rapidly growing sport and this forum is great place to connect with other folks interested in stand up paddling. Ask questions about gear, technique, destinations and more”

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Thanks for the advice, I’ll move it :smile:

As far as I know anything paddling related is fair game in the Paddlers Place Forum. I’m all for more SUP action and discussion here. Lots of us kayakers are also SUP paddlers. Welcome to PNet.

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And some of us CANOE PEOPLE stand up while paddling or poling as well, though I do agree this should go to the sup section.
I was helping out on some exercise/fitness forums on social media for awhile. Dawned on me one day, the thought that this was so much preening, so much “look at me”. Like the Nike adv says “just do it.”

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Thanks SeaDart :slight_smile: