paddle board construction

I just made a paddle fiberglass paddle board. I followed the instructions from a kayak building book and used gunwales, thwarts,and ribs, it is nine feet long and weighs fifty pounds, have you ever heard of a paddle board being made that way and if I make another should I order the foam blanks instead. This was my first one and I didn’t know about the form blanks. Thank you

Seems a bit heavy for a 9 foot long

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paddle board when compared to commercially made boards that might be about 25 lbs. I've only looked at them in a brief manner but I would think you would save quite a bit of weight with the foam blank.

You Talking Stand Ups (SUPs)
or paddleboards that are paddled prone or kneeling with your hands and not with a paddle? Paddleboards are lightweight, under 15 pounds and are either foam core or hollow.