Paddle boarding & Fishing

Hello. I am a brand new paddler, have only gone a couple of times so far, and my husband is disabled. We are wanting to find a location that he could walk and fish while I paddleboard. We live out east in the area of DIA, really don’t want to travel any further than 90 minutes or so. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Great views and not very crowded is a bonus! Thanks!!!

DIA ? Denver International Airport ? A lot of the ponds/lakes close to you are not very inviting regarding water quality. When I lived near Denver I used to paddle a lot on Barr lake and there were good sized fish there, water quality is dodgy. Chatfield Resevoir is someplace you might check out, not sure paddleboards are allowed. Brainard Lake in the Indian Peaks area was one of my favorite places to paddle and fish. Red Feather lakes was also a favorite area to paddle and fish, way beyond your 90 minute requirement.

IAD (Dulles) perhaps?