paddle buddy wanted

I do mostly the lakes in Arizona with regular trips down sections of the Colorado below Hoover and above Yuma. Occasional trips to San Diego.

Mostly weekend day-trips but the further I drive, the longer I stay. Sometimes car-camping and sometimes kayak camping.

So am looking for people who can/will go out.

Put the location in the title box and
you may have better luck.

good point
how do I delete to repost or edit?

BTW, Last time I posted on CL for a paddle-buddy, I got one guy who wanted to cheat on his bf with me, a couple women who wanted me to take them to dinner but no kayaking and a whole host of porn-bots.

Plus one guy who was born in the hospital in Belize that I had built while in the Air Force. But he works strange house so misses all my trips.