paddle choice

I am presently looking for a new paddle. I know I want the bent shaft style. My question is recommendations on brands I should look at. Presently the ones that I have been told to look at are AT Xception, Werner Luna, and Lendal. I am small…5 ft. female and have a Perception Catalina now known as the Carolina, I believe 14.5. I kayak daily on Lake George during the summer and am thinking about a carbon one. I do have tendenitus which is why I am doing the switch in style. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Highly recommend an ONNO. Very light, no flutter, excellent price, incomparable value. You’ll have to wait a couple of weeks but you will not be disappointed. It floats in your hands as you paddle.

ONNO, But…
I also love my Onno, but not sure Patrick makes a bent shaft. You should still talk to him first. So much more paddle for the money.

Also professional instruction
If you are grippong too tight, or carrying the strok too long (most paddlers do the latter and many do the former) you are doing yourself no good.

reverse preacher curls and preacher curls with really light weight (like one or tow pounds) can teach your muscles and tendons how to work together again. n Professional help there woudl be good as well

ONNO does a bent shaft
Patrick will make a bent shaft. At least he had one he was building up when I visited him a few months ago.

He’s also experimenting with an adjustable ferrel too.


Carbon good…
I have a hard time going back to aluminum since I switched. Can’t vouch for it, but I know Bending Branches puts out a reaosnably priced bent-shaft paddle.