Paddle clip mod for greenland paddle

I worked at the project management end of electrical construction and engineering and had several instances (before I disabled it) or having Spellcheck create embarrassing “corrections” in my business correspondence via text and email.

There was one series of rushed text exchanges with a client regarding a time critical problem we had to quickly solve because some electrical gear that had arrived at their site had the wrong kind of bus (solid metal current conductor) installed. For some reason I kept typing in “buss” and Spellcheck converted it to “butt” every time, resulting in my repeatedly reassuring them that I would make sure they had the butt they needed within 24 hours. I was bewildered at first when the client joked that he didn’t realize plastic surgery was part of our customer service.

But I did goof a few times after muting Spellcheck (while annoying it does serve the purpose of catching inadventent profanities). I shared an email with a number of people on a project notifying them of a hold up in construction due to a conflict with the county inspector. Only I’d dropped the “o” in county and didn’t notice it until one of the recipients quipped that he “didn’t think she was THAT bad.” Urk.

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