Paddle 'clip' question

Okay, handy dandy people. What are the clips(?) called, that are used inside of kayak paddles to hold the pieces together and sometimes allow placement in additional shaft holes for feathering of the blades?

When not assembled, they appear as a ‘V’ and have a round piece on one of the outer edges, that fits into a hole.

I tried looking on McMaster-Carr, but I couldn’t connect without knowing their common name.

Thanks for your help.

pop pins

Drumroll please…

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McMaster-Carr calls them "Quick-Release Button Connectors for Telescoping Tubing", and they're shown on the bottom of page 3321 of the current catalog. Enjoy.

PS apparently they are also called "snap buttons" and "tubing buttons", which makes perfect sense, I suppose.

Is there 3321 pages in a mcmaster-Carr catalog? That is crazy. I feel like they didn’t used to be that big.

Ryan L.

Thanks a bunch to all who replied.
I’ll go back into McMaster-Carr’s website and check it out.

My 10-year old paper catalog has 3471 pages, not counting the index. I’ve been through the online catalog in depth over the last couple of weeks, and it goes up to 3751. More is better, right?