Paddle Clips

I picked up a pair of Harmony paddle clips last weekend. Have yet to install them on my Sundance.

Do they work well? Do they hold up or will they break rapidly.

Comments, suggestions appreciated before I start drilling…

I tried them for a while…
They did break and I ended up taking them off. They were a pain and not worth it.


Are they the small, hard plastic type?
If so, I would have to say don’t use them. I have a pair on my Looksha and I’ve broken them several times. I’ve found a better system using just three holes, one small hook, and one piece of bungee.

You basicly mount the hook around center of your cockpit so as not to interfere with your stroke. You could probably mount it a little forward of center if that was more comfortable. You then drill two holes below the hook and to the sides and run the bungee between the holes. To hold your paddle you just put it in place and strech the bungee over the shaft and onto the hook.

This is what I did to my girlfriend “new” kayak and she likes it a lot more than using the plastic clips.

If you want, I could try and take a picture and send it to you if this description is not clear to you.

Thank you for the offer, but I think I’ve seen what you described somewhere. Sounds like a good idea.

Old Town
makes a kit that uses hooks and bungee. No breaks on mine yet and my yak gets dragged, slide and banged up a lot.

I installed the Harmony Clips
recently and haven’t had them break yet. But, I can see how it would be easy to do so. If you install them, be aware of where your paddle stroke goes in relation to the clip. I mounted one of mine a bit too forward at the rear and it sometimes interferes with my elbow. If I had know about the Old Town clips, I probably would have gotten them.

OT Paddle Clips
Ditto here but I found out later you can buy the parts at REI or a local paddling shop for about half the price.