paddle clips

Trying to rig up a paddle holder on my Perception Carolina Airalite. I like the way it’s done on the Current Designs Kestrel. It’s just a piece of rigging about a foot long. Both ends are inserted in small holes thru the side and a small plastic hook is attached above that. The rigging is simply pulled over the paddle and hooked. It’s easy to fix and release and the hook is so small that it’s not in the way. Problem: Finding the small hooks. Have found them in a kit at Great Outdoors, but I only need one, maybe two, and not the rest of the package. Help!! is requested from the great wise kayakkers who love to share their thoughts.

Finding Clips
Can’t say it for the big box stores (now including Pep Boys in Dallas) but I would think that any independent dealer would have the parts in stock and would gladly sell you one or one hundred. Also be sure to use stainless steel screws and locknuts.

Paddle holding
The system we are talking about is used by, or at least used to be used by Old Town on their kayaks. They even sold a kit that included a couple of hooks, a length of bungee cord and a couple of pad eyes. The pad eyes look like little plastic inchworms and are used to run bungee cord through on the deck. Drilling a hole in the hull and passing the bungee cord through, tying a knot in the end will accomplish much the same thing, but depending on how near the waterline the placement is, I think you could caulk up the pad eyes easier.

When I wanted to install another paddle holder on the other side of my Loon, I contacted Old Town and they sold me some J hooks, but they had a minimum order, so I ordered a bunch and gave some to my friends.

Regarding stability of the paddle, although it must be nice to have an indent in the hull to help hold the paddle, if the bungee is long enough, or you use two hooks, one opposite each end of the cord, I think you will find it holds the paddle securely enough for most recreational paddling needs.