Paddle clothing for a tall guy

I’ve always paddled in warm weather (shorts and a tshirt) but I’d like to extend my paddle season. I am open to a wetsuit, but not the cost of a dry suit. I also saw splash pants that might fit the bill. THe problem is that I am 6’7" - 220 lbs and a 36" inseam. No one seams to make anything that would fit me. Any other tall folks out there that can help?

Sorry to be a pain, but where are you paddling? What’s the water temperature? The “expense” of a drysuit might be a necessity. Plus I found my NRS drysuit new with tags on eBay for just $200. Look for deals. Splash pants aren’t for immersion, just to keep you dry when you’re IN the boat, but they’ll do nothing if you take a swim.

I live in the midwest, and probably wouldn’t paddle below 55 (air temp). I would be OK with paying $200 for a drysuit, but again I run into the same issue of nothing fits me.

It’s not the air temp, it’s the water temp that matters!

Have you looked at sizes? XL and XXL would both fit you as far as weight and inseam according to their online charts on kokotat if you wanted to go the route of dry pants (NOT splash pants) and a separate dry top. Not as good as a one-piece for immersion but might work better given your proportions.

sizes for XXXLarge.

Join REI then wait for February/March sales best in a declining stock market condition: less 30% plus the original markdown.

I bought one for @$300.

oh yeah
I was into REI earlier…I see costs are up.

There’s an extra large woman’s on sale if your up for a sex change operation ?

no thanks!
Ha, thanks. I’ll pass. I ordered an NRS Farmer Johns from REI. I’ll see how it fits and go from there. Thanks for the help guys!

If the farmer john doesn’t work out
… check the bargains at Kayak Academy. If you do find something of interest, give them a call. In my experience, you will talk with a knowledgeable human who understands proper fit and wants to be sure that you get the correct item.


under the neo.

doahn stop with the suit…gloves/neo helmet/booties and neo sox.

I have an XXL Koko dry suit in new condition. What would you offer ?

in a long sleeve crew with neo is very sheek

Thanks for the tips!
I just bought the wetsuit, so I should be good for now. How much are you looking to get for the drysuit? My fear is buying something and it not fitting correctly.

ask abt sizing.

I’m 6’4" 175, the XXL fits loosely esp in the torso but arms and legs are longer than necessary.

Koko has a low cost Gore semi dry at Campmor. A semi dry is comfortable in warmer weather than a gasket neck. When underwater, the semi dry lets in a bit f water bot not to drown you unless your planning a long float.

buy the other neo and several white shirts. Very basic, upgrades the suit by 2X easy in continuous comfort.

The larger suit size pumps air as you move, out thru the GoreTex, a bellows.

I speak for all tall guys I think, when I say DO NOT bring up XL sizes thinking this will fit. They don’t. You wind up with the shoulders down to the elbows to get some length. Not acceptable. Nothing will substitute for a 36” inseam. I have the same.

Tall sizes are tall sizes. There is no substitute.

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