Paddle Clothing for Plus Sized Women

Does anyone know of a company that is making paddling clothes in plus sizes for women? I’ve been looking everywhere and can’t seem to find it. I have also e-mailed several companies and they just respond that they will forward my e-mail to the right department. It is very frustrating to have to purchase men’s clothing which does not fit properly and is uncomfortable and the proportions are all wrong for a woman. I’m sure I’m not the only one frustrated with this. For some reason sporting clothes companies think that large women are not active.

Are you looking for a specific article of clothing? My summer paddling wardrobe is made up of synthetic rashguards and capris I find on sale in online or brick & mortar active wear departments. Depending on what you’re looking for, maybe a search for “active wear” might turn up a few more choices.

Here’s a couple links to “paddling clothing”:


LLBean carries base layers:


NRS also carries large women’s sizes.

Also a link to a previous post on the topic:

NRS makes some paddling clothing that is sized for larger-than-average people, both men and women.

As Rookie said, it depends on what type of gear you’re looking for. I have two female paddling acquaintances that wear men’s dry tops because they fit them better than the women’s style. Most styles go up to at least XXL.

Man Oh Man. This is a very sore subject with me because I’m a plus-sized outdoor woman. I feel your pain annebob. I’ve mostly made due with men’s stuff over the years. Even women’s plus size clothes can be miles too long in the legs & sleeves. Not all full figured outdoor gals are built like WNBA players. Here are a few resources I’ve used. Good luck with your search. Most of all, don’t let it keep you from being outdoors :smiley:

Kokatat - They carry an XLshort in wet suits , semi-dry and drysuits. I have a Neo Jane wetsuit that I bought from Kayak Academy, and I have a Surge semi-dry suit on order. Here’s their sizing chart.

Cabela’s - I am fortunate to live near a store so I can try stuff on. They carry extended sizes in a lot of stuff. They also sometimes have men’s stuff in short inseam. My current everyday shell jacket is a Cabela’s women’s in 2XL ( awesome purple), and I have a pair of Goretex shell pants that are a men’s short that fit really well.

Duluth Trading - Most of their outdoor stuff comes in Xl, 2XL, and I think 3XL? I have a light weight puffy jacket, some Polartec base layers, and some summer capris that I wear paddling all the time.

Target - They have some good stuff in their workout wear dept. in extended sizes for summer paddling.

Aero Tech Designs - They carry plus size cycling stuff, and their commuter line has some good shorts and capri type pants that work well for paddling.

I know a number of larger sized women who go to men’s sizes. But as above, it would help to know exactly what clothing you are looking for. I suspect that you may not have found your way to the companies that sell more technical paddling clothes, where there is a range of sizing and usually good measurements to see if you are a match for one of the larger men’s sizes. Kokatat, and probably other, will shorten sleeves or legs in their better stuff though there is a charge, The leg and arm length is the area where larger men’s stuff fails women in fit.

Kokatat Womens XLshort fits 5’5" - 5’10" 180-220 lb. One of the few companies that makes a woman’s XL that fits down to 5’5". Many companies make their XL stuff for 5’8" and up.

I received my Kokatat Surge semi-drysuit yesterday. It fits my 5’5" plus sized chubby body nicely. The legs & sleeves are not miles too long, the socks aren’t huge, and the hips & butt fit. Yippee.