Paddle Comparison

I’m looking for a new canoe paddle to use on twisting, but non-white water rivers. I’m looking at the Mitchell Surreal and the Mitchell Touring Special. The Surreal has a modified palm grip and is lighter with a carbon fiber blade while the TS has a modified T-grip with an all wood blade. I lean toward the TS for the T-grip style and durability but I am drawn to the weight of the Surreal. Any thoughts?

I’d get the Surreal

For what you are doing, durability won’t be a problem. You’ll have it forever. It has a great feel to it and it’s so light! I’d like to get one sometime.

if you are never going to manipulate
your paddle get the t grip…by manipulate I mean doing palm rolls and static placements.

The palm grip of the Surreal is more versatile…T grip pretty means you never move your hands on the paddle.

The Surreal is…
well, surreal. I still lust for one.

The palm grip is open to owner modification via careful file work and sanding. Very easy to customize. A T-grip is, well, just a T-grip.


I ultimately decided to go with the Touring Special. The rivers I paddle do tend to get shallow in spots so I decided to go with the all wood paddle and save myself $50.

I’ll let you all know how I like it once it gets here!

the grip
T grips are great for whitewater and power paddling - it’s really kind of a brute as a grip.

A pear shaped palm grip is so perfect for miles of paddling…there’s so many ways to rest it in your hand.

Sorry I can’t compare the two paddles, but I do have a touring special and really like it. Its probably the best made of any of my paddles and I’ve got several other quality wood paddles. The modified T-grip is very comfortable for my use. I can see the point of those who suggest the pear grip if you are doing primarily style or feestyle paddling.

The blade grabs a lot of water, is very stable and slices like a whisper on underwater recoveries.