paddle conversion ?

Where might I find a kit to convert my one piece paddle to two piece paddle? Thanks in advance.

I dunno…

The only conversion paddle I’m aware of is the entry level model made by Stearns or someone like them. It doesn’t convert the normal single blade paddles but rather it’s a double bladed paddle that you can take apart and then snap handles into the ends of each half. Zat make sense? They sell it at Academy.

I ain’t sayin that the product your looking for doesn’t exist… I just haven’t heard of it.

I’ve got a used Walmart variety double blade I’ll sell ya for cheap. It’s kinda short (210cm?) but for $10 it’s yours.

BTW… welcome to the boards. I don’t recall seeing you before. Always great to see another Loozyanna coonie around here. Where y’at? Where ya fishin? What species?

Hard to say

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I keep preaching to mine, but it won't convert.

I think I saw T-handles in the NRS catalog for converting Carlisle two-piece paddles into canoe paddles. You may want to try there, or on

- Big D