paddle converted to 215cm

I have a good Lightning paddle that was going to be sent back to them to convert to 215cm from 220cm. Their phone is disconnected & I think they may be out of business. Anyone know somewhere I can send this to have it done? This is my spare paddle, but would still like it to be a better length.

Maybe another manufacturer?
As no one as yet responded, I thought I might suggest trying another paddle manufacturer. I was told a bit ago that Lightening is no longer in business.

I’ve had my Swift paddle shortened by Eddyline and my Epic by Epic. Eddyline removes the blades and shortens the shaft from the far ends. Epic shortens and retools the opposite ends.

I Have Two Lightning Paddles
These were my first paddles and I purchased them both with boats that I purchased on line. I had tried 220 paddles and 230 paddles from rental places and got the 220 paddles. I found that they were too long so I purchased a ferrel and made one of the 1-piece 220 paddles into a 2-piece 205 paddle and you cant tell that I did not buy it that way.

Total cost was about 30 dollars for materials and it took about an hour to do.

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Local paddle shop? paddler near you? …

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Many local paddle shops can do the shortening for you. Maybe one of the many paddlers that have done such themselves can help you.

It is hard for posters to direct you to a paddle shop that can shorten your paddle or to offer to help you when you have not filled out your profile or stated in your post where you are.

You could also look for sites such as the ZRE site for basic instructions on repairing/shortening paddles. Actually simple and easy to do.




lightning paddle

i converted a carbon lightning paddle from 225 to 215 without any problems. i talked to lightning first, and they said it would be fine and would still be strong. just a hacksaw and a drill with appropriate bit, some patience and care, and that was that. after a season of 3x/week paddles in conditions, rolling, etc it still is fine, and i don’t regret it. good luck - jeff

Buy the kit from the new owners
and do it yourself,

Otherwise all the kit is is the spring clip and a couple of open cell pieces cut to fill the inside of the shaft.

If you don’t get a better offer just e-mail me and I’ll send you the instructions

2.5 cm off each side of the shaft, no biggie! even the indexing will not be much messed up!