Paddle cover?

Is there such a thing? I’d like to cover my paddle blade with something for entries, exits and pushing off. It’s a brand new Swift and I’d like to keep it looking good as long as possible.

I’ve read here that some people use things like broom handles and I’ve tried using a tripod leg but I hate carrying more “stuff” than I need.

It’s Tougher Than You Think
I’ve had my Swift paddle for a couple of years now, and it is so nice looking that I didn’t want to mess it up either. Of course, my desire to get out and enjoy paddling won out. But guess what? Outside of the edge being a little rougher than it was when new, it still looks great. My only regret is that I didn’t get those little fish or the American flag imbedded inside of it.

I hose mine down thoroughly after each use.

Enjoy using it…Lou

Mesh Ditty
I use a mesh nylon bag that has a draw string in it.

It works great and dosen’t hold water. Just take it off after you’re in and put it back on before you exit.

car door trim
YOu can buy door trim at an automotive parts store. Just make sure you use the more expensive and thicker rubber style and not the cheep chromed stuff. Make sure you wrap it around the corners and a little up the sides of the blade. Although the previous poster was right, good luck trying to wear out a Swift paddle.


Just use what you have!
Just like the boat you bought just use what you have. I’m carefull with the paddles and boats that I have but only to the the point of not damaging them. When you bought your paddles or paddle and boats or boat did you think they would never see any damage. Dream on. Use what you bought and enjoy. That’s what you bought them for, Right!

Paddle on.

This is hard for me to understand.
I have some very fancy and expensive whitewater kayak and canoe paddles, all of which have received several years of moderately hard use. They all still look great. There are some scratches, some little knicks, even some signs of stress in the laminate, but they still look great. I’m afraid I don’t understand why someone would fool around with a paddle cover during entries and exits.

You’ll probably get over your concern about pristine protection. Otherwise you might be happier with an indoor hobby, like collecting Steuben crystal.

Yes tough
My Mid-Swift is pretty scratched-up and nicked after years of use which includes Julys on the coast of Maine.

It still works fine and looks pretty as well --after all the scratches only show when it’s dry.

Well, excuuuuuuse me!
I paddle on rocky shorelines (12 months a year) almost exclusively and my old paddles show a lot of wear. I was just hoping for something simple that would help keep the inevitable scractches at bay for awhile.

Serious answer…
As stated above the Swift paddles are pretty tough and can take alot of abuse. Minor scratches and even chunks missing ( on the blades) will not cause the paddle to self distruct. Nothing to worry about here. As far as cosmetics go there is not really anything on the market that I know of intended for use as you describe…

A imaginative + your year round experience around such situations solution will most likely have to manifest from within.

I would think a canvas or ballistic cloth ‘sleeve’ with some sort of leash line/ draw cord on it would work fine… the leash could be held under your hand on shaft and easily retieved after launching. Maybe the leash could be eliminated if the draw cord was bunji or could be tied but bunji might prematurely release and you would loose the cover if you had to paddle away from the rocks right away. Like the leash because of this… If you HAVE to paddle right away for a few strokes to put some distance between you and the rocks, having the cover sort of self release and trail along for a sec. tethered w/ a leash before you could stow it would work o.k.

Was going to post a question about some new 3M clear protecive tape that has been out for a short while, maybe cover paddle with this. The new clear duct tape looks pretty ccol too.

Canuba wax
At pool session last night a coach was admiring my Epic full carbon Active Tour paddle. When I pointed out the scratches from bracing on rocks, he noted that car wax with canuba oil works for polishing the blade and concealing the scratches.

While I tend to agree that with the posts about enjoying what you have and not sweating the nics… I have to admit that your question was legit and as others have obviously thought of the same concern… it wasn’t an off the wall question :)though perhaps one that I would never have considered.

I’d hate to see thoughtful questions and legit opinions relegated to the Banter and Bash room… LOL… you asked for others thoughts… and I guess we all tend to answer these things with our own rightous opinions (Myself especially included :slight_smile: )

I too paddle the rocks… often in cedar strip built boats that I would prefer not to scratch to badly. But each scratch and dink has a story. It’s kinda like the wrinkles on our face… they only grow where the smiles have been :slight_smile:

btw… the new clear duct tape sounds like it may have some interesting potential… anybody try it yet?

I haven’t tried the clear duct tape but it sounds like a good idea. I did put a thin piece of electrical tape along the paddle edge to buffer it a bit. This Swift is my third paddle and the most I have paid for one to date. I paddle a lot, and while not paranoid about my gear, I try to take care of it.

I’m not REALLY offended by stay-at-home remarks. As a matter of fact, I do have an indoor hobby also. My husband and I build kayaks when we’re not on the water paddling them. :wink:

A low cost solution
I’m relatively new to this great sport and after scratching up my carbon blade I thought of something that works OK for me. I simply cut of a paddle blade length of my worn Levi’s leg bottom and sowed the bottom tight. I just slip it over the blade if I have an entry or exit that requires it. The scratches were easily sanded out and this paddle blade sleeve helps to keep it looking great.

Have fun, Paul

Do you have it tied…
to anything or just loose? Some have suggested having it on a tether and I was wondering.

The mesh bag suggestion I got is good because of the idea of it draining. Have you tried that?