Paddle Edge Repair

Not sure if I could add an edge to my favorite paddle, a cherry RedTail beavertail paddle. Or maybe there is something better I should do? Or leave it and keep on paddling! I purchased it in 1995.

Any sage advice welcome :sweat_smile:

Looks to me like some sanding and re finishing is all that you need.

I often add a little epoxy to fill the small end cracks. Then sand and varnish. Unless you are rock bashing all the time, there is probably no need for an edge.

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In this order

  1. leave it and keep on paddling
  2. a little sanding and refinish (varnish, oil, etc original finish)
  3. reinforce with nylon and epoxy…likely a little overboard for this paddle……I do it with all my fabricated paddles, but I glass and epoxy them.

Thanks for the advice. I’m kinda seesawing between refinishing or keeping the gritty used feel going on! After all, it is cosmetic; the paddle works as well as the day I bought it.