Paddle Faster ! and more often.

When we moved here in 1987, I joined a paddling club. A memorable trip was Cedar Creek in what is now Congaree National Park. The creek was low and we had several senior members with us. We spent the day dragging long boats over mud and sand where there were deadfalls or tight turns. I was one of the primary boat draggers. At the end of the day we had mud up to our chins. It was great!
The group I paddle with now just paddled Cedar Creek. I didn’t go because my body can no longer handle slogs like that.
You’ve heard a thousand times how fast time passes but we deny the reality.
The point is, paddle as often as you can so you can remember what fun a slog through a swamp can be.

Hi Jim, I really missed you on this trip, and look forward to when you can join us in the future. Otherwise I am the old geezer!!! :stuck_out_tongue: You are so right about doing the things we love now, and as often as we can. I believe i can see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel…avoid the light…! :wink: Swamp slogging is fun!

I’m always sorry to hear of any paddler being injured, especially when it curtails their paddling activity. Hope you get back to the point where you can handle longer trips, string.

Usually day trips are my thing, but right now I have had to stop until a Dr. tells be what I can do. The problem seems to be spine damage in my neck. I’ll know more shortly.