Paddle Ferrule Repair....

I have a carbon/kevlar 2pc. paddle. A fiberglass insert, permanently glued in by the manufacturer, serves as the “male” side of the ferrule.

That insert is now splitting along it’s length in a few places. When seated the pressure of the the female side seems to keep the whole thing together, but it definetly appears to be getting worse and i’m afraid the whole thing’s going to fail at the wrong time.

of course, i went straight for the old 5min. epoxy. but i’ve noticed that much of the epoxy i’ve applied to the inside of the fiberglass insert has simply peeled away and is completely ineffective.

any ideas?

Use Epoxy And Glass

– Last Updated: Jul-14-05 10:51 AM EST –

Try sanding the inside of the "male" ferrule, around the crack, apply epoxy, glass and and a little more epoxy on top of the glass to soak it. Since, it won't being seen, you need not worry too much about smoothing it out too much. On the out side, take a file to open up the crack a little bit so epoxy can soak in. If you don't open the crack and apply epoxy sometimes it's just a "surface treatment, and the opposite sides of the crack aren't bonded together.


Called the manufacturer…
I contacted AT Paddles. They responded immediately. They offered to fix the ferrule for free. The guy couldn’t be nicer.

AT Paddles

Great company, Great Product.