Paddle Festivals

I am finally taking early retirement in December so will be able to attend a few event. Problem is, the only paddle event in Arizona is the AzPaddlefest in Phoenix which I do yearly. I used to do talks on “How to Modify your Kayak” and “DIY Kayak/Camping gear”.
They closed down the SW Kayak Symposium in San Diego a few years ago so that let out SD as an event.

With time free, does anyone know of any such events within a couple days of Tucson?
The more I have to drive, the longer I want to stay as why drive three days of a day-long event?

Lumpy Waters, OR, every October

Every other February is Paddle Golden Gate in San Francisco. I think 2019 is an off year.

Alternate years are Storm Gathering up in Trinidad (near Eureka, CA). Should be this spring.

Explore North Coast, a club up in Trinidad, does an unofficial event every May. Club members lead paddles for anyone who wants to go and has appropriate gear/skills for the paddle. Pot luck dinners. No charge.

Various white water events throughout the year in CA, OR, and NV.

Thank you, though these all seem to be in northern calif, well over 10-12 hours drive. For that long of a drive I would like to be at least 3 days on-site.

Great Lakes Sea Kayak Symposium, Grand Marais, MI, July 17-21, 2019.

Yes, a 32-hour drive from Tucson, but it’s five days of great coaching and community, and you can always go a bit further and spend some time exploring the Apostles afterward.

Lumpy, PGG, and ENCT are 3 day events. Storm Gathering probably is also. That seems to be the normal length for these events.