Paddle Float Recommendations

I have some no name paddle floats and just one of them is a double chamber which we like. I am looking for purchase at least one more double chamber style.

Some are very cheaply made - I would prefer paying a bit more and less risk of it breaking when it may really be needed.

I see Gaia makes a foam bead style, an expensive one and a cheaper style. Also the thick padded Sealine is another option. Anyone have these or others which they really like for its quality?


I have three
A couple double chamber air ones, and the Gaia bean bag.

The NRS double chamber is well made and one can vary the amount of air, when you are using it as a learning tool for rolling. It also rolls up fairly small and that gives you some storage options.

I normally carry the Gaia one, since when I’ve practiced in cold water, the hardest part is getting the darn float inflated. Cold water ‘takes my breath away’ and I figured that if I needed to resort to the float, I’d probably already failed at other methods, and thus be short of breath.

We have 15 year old Harmony ones
that get used every year in practice, and they still seem to be fine.

If I were paddling in frigid waters I would want a solid foam one that I could save valuable seconds on in not having to blow it up.

Jack L

I would like to buy another
inflatable and also one solid type for our cold weather here in Pittsburgh!

Big chunk of foam
I made one from two pieces of 3 inch thick minicell foam and a half roll of duct tape. It takes up some room, but the prep time is nothing and once you jab your blade in there it ain’t slipping out.

Someone made one of those that looked nice and mounted it right behind their seat under a couple of bungies. If you’r paddling in cold water, quick access and no prep time are really good things.