paddle float system question

Hi folks,

I’ve periodically practiced my paddle float re-entry in case I ever need it, and I’m pretty comfortable with it. I’ve noticed that some yaks have a built-in system for attaching the paddle so it’s rigid. Seems like a good idea to me…

Are there any after-market systems that you guys would recommend, or should I stick with my usual method?

Thanks, as always.

Current system
If your current system is working for you why not stick with it? The trouble with a paddle being held under the bungies or another system is when you go to retrieve that paddle when you are back in your boat. If you are not careful in sliding it out from under the bungie you may capsize again as you momentarily lose your support.

I’m not aware of any after market device, but some boats can be modified to add bungies running parallel to the deck line just behind the cockpit.


Seaward Kayaks
has a quick release nylon strap system that can be purchased.

so does Nimbus
Nimbus kayaks sell a system. honestly i don’t see the point if the current setup works for you.

Pretty Easy DIY
1" nylon straps and 2 fastex buckles. Drill four holes on the back deck behind the cockpit. Spaced to accommodate the blade of your paddle. Attached straps which should run in line with the length of the boat. Backed up with good washers ( spread load and minimize pull out). The fastex buckles allow you to buckle down the blade for a rescue and release when you’re done.


paddle holder thing
My brother in law said he saw a new paddle mount from Bending Branches at Salt Lake dealer show that would hold the paddle solid for getting in your boat from shore and deep water. Look for it this fall at Branches dealers. He said you attach to the coaming in the front on most boats and in the back of the coaming on others to solve getting over high back seating.

never used one after the first time.
just hold the shaft of the paddle against the coaming and hoist yourself up.

the first time I capsized past the surf line and didn’t have a good roll I stuck the paddle under the bungees of the tempest and had a devil of a time getting the paddle out with the waves all around me after I was in. After that I just never bothered with them as I was able to just hold it against the coaming.


it’s better to learn how to do it without the rigging. Maybe put some soft non-skid vinyl tape on the deck behind the coaming where the paddle shaft presses onto the deck

Fire hose can be bolted behind cockpit. mAKE SURE YOU HAVE ROOM FOR SKIRT. The idea is to get back in in big water that might flip you and something to keep paddle perpendicular is good.

Paddle Float Re-Enter & Roll
After I got over the “weirdness” of doing a reverse somersault into the cockpit (the trick is to relax and take your time), I found that a paddlefloat laden paddle will get you back in the boat much faster & easier than the conventional paddlefloat re-entry. I think it’s worth investing some time.

Godd Luck…Lou

Thanks, all, for the many good suggestions. I’m thinking that I’ll stay with what I know, for the time being…

Thanks again…

seaward self rescue system
you can pre set it up for your paddle. Works for me I have had it on two of the boats I have owned.

Pat at Onno has a shimiar system google Onnopaddles and you’ll find him quick enough.

if I was in bad seas with my shoulder intact and had come out of the boat I would opt for a paddle float reenter and roll. with a doslocates houlder a srs system or a sling holding the paddle in place would be the best option.

Some aft decks are not friendly
Some boats have aft decks that are peaked more, or there’s no good recess directly behing the coaming, so the paddle tends to easily drift from a 90 degree angle while trying to hold it against the coaming with one hand. I’ve found that the ease of this technique varies greatly from boat to boat. In my Eddyline Nighthawk, I can’t do it just holding the paddle - but in my Necky I can.


‘Aftermarket’ system here…

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Simple system, but the well R&D-ed advice on placement is where it's worth is. As I have stated in previous a thread, a better thought out and step above the Seaward System.

'Locks' paddle in position. No worries to use for fishing, photography, bodily functions etc.