paddle for a tall guy

I’m tall and mostly upper body. I’m going to be paddling a 34" wide SOT. Based on this, I need a very long paddle based on the buyers guide. What does everyone recommend? I would be using it for fishing and some recreational paddling.

What length, brand, material should I go with?

If you were nearby, I would try to sell
you the 240 cm Werner Camano that I have scarcely used. If your SOT is that wide, you will probably have to use a relatively wide angle paddling style, and will need a 230 or 240.

I’ve got a 240cm Camano to sell, too.
Though mine is more in the “well used” category. :wink:

Try them first, but a 230 or 240 s/b
good. With the long upper body,you need less length than an average person.

Paddle - look at Aquabound carbon fiber at Campmor. Good paddles at a good price(< $200).

Sometimes you can trim a paddle
that is too long, but stretching one that is too short is another matter…

Though I talked to Werner, and for a price, they will trim a paddle shaft, or add a segment to stretch one.

Ask the paddle wizzard

Please do not fall into the 240cm trap.
A tall paddler effectively scales these wider SOTs down a bit. Personal preference rules of course but (IMO ) a 240 paddle is generally way too long unless you are sitting up high such as in a canoe or Hybrid, not because you are long torso-ed.

For this canoeist kneeling in a narrow
(28") canoe, a 240 cm paddle was too short.

Anyway, he can always trimmit.

ordered one
I ended up ordering a 240 that was rather inexpensive. I’ll give it a try and use it for a spare if it ends up being too long.

Thanks for the advice folks

You probably made a good choice.
My Tarpon is 28" wide and even with my long torso and arms a 220 was too short;a 230 was just right.

The next thing you need to buy is a narrower boat.I ,of course, recommend the Tarpon 160i.