paddle for fishing

i’m a beginner paddler and need some recommendations on a paddle to use with a prowler big game. What should i look for?

Carlisle Magic 230 or 240cm

Bending Branches has some nice paddles that don’t cost much. I bought 2 paddles for $50.00 each from, not sure if the website is still being used though.

I usually prefer shorter paddles
I find long paddles inconvenient when fishing. They’re nice for easy sight-seeing paddles, but I prefer a shorter paddle when I fish. They’re lighter for one handed paddling and I don’t wrap my line up in them as much.

The Carlisle RS Magic and Bending Branches are both good paddles. I’d just go with a 210cm rather than a 240cm, with the understanding that it is a matter of personal preference. That said, I have yet to have someone who tried one of my shorter paddles while fishing say that they preferred their long paddles and many have gone and purchased short paddles.

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