Paddle for Inflatable

I have a couple new Aire Inflatables and I can’t decide on what type paddle. Everyone recommends a paddle about 220 for inflatables. But most whitewater paddles are short. The only quality paddles I can find in that length are touring paddles. My fear is a touring paddle is too fragile for river use.

Anyone have any ideas?

I bought
A Werner Tybee 240 - but I am tall. Look at the Tybee 220

I would run through something like the paddle selector on Werner’s site, and look at what length they recommend. I believe Aire makes different width boats, which will affect the size paddle you want.

That’s the problem
Most inflatable companies recommend a 210-230 paddle. Of course much of the decision is preference and boat width but the problem is I can’t find a whitewater paddle in that length. These boats are designed for class IV and V rapids so the paddle needs to be tough. The Aire sight has a couple they sell but I was hoping for a better quality paddle.

Call me if you want to talk about
these types of paddles. No worries to tailor the layup and length for your intended use and expectations.

identical situation
I have an Aire Lynx 1. When determining what size paddle needed, I simply took it out to the lake with a paddle I already had just to figure what length I needed. I’m 6 ft. 3 in. and a 220 cm was perfect. Simple, with your left blade completely submerged and as close to the tubes as possible, your right hand should be at nose level.It all depends on your upper torso and arm length to figure the right size. The paddle I have is the Cannon Wave carbon shaft with poly blades 18x7.250. This blade has a nice spoon shape and is stiff. $159 They also come in full carbon $179 and the standard aluminum shaft model. $119 Anyway go to and check it out. Give them a call with your questions. The guy I spoke with knew what he was talking about.I think these prices are current but not sure. Maybe they still have the $10 coupon you can use with your online order.

I have the Lynx 1 and the new 2010 Force so you realize where I am at. That helps a ton. I am also going to check with Pat (Onno) to see what he can do. I have three of his paddles already and love them.