Paddle for Kaku Voodoo

Hi Everyone,
I’m a recent new owner of a Kaku Voodoo and I absolutely love it. The seat of this craft is unique in that it offers the ability to paddle from multiple heights, and one can even paddle it standing up. So my question then is what is the best paddle to use for these multiple configurations? Here’s some stats about the paddlecraft and me:

Me: 5’10

Kaku Voodoo:
7" thick
35" wide
Seat height 1: 12" above deck
Seat height 2: 24" above deck

I have considered the Kaku-branded paddle which is adjustable from 250-270cm, but then I see limitations with using that paddle as a SUP paddle. Also, I’d like something adjustable so that my wife (who is several inches shorter than me) could use it.

I’ve come across the Stage Switchblade multiuse paddle which claims to serve both as a SUP paddle and a traditional kayak paddle. My only reservations with that paddle are that its shortest length is 300cm and there don’t seem to be too many reviews. Is that too long for my needs?
So, should I try to find one paddle that fits the bill (if so, any recommendations?) or should I buy multiple paddles for each use? Thanks in advance for your recommendations and help!

From the link, “…Part Kayak, part paddle board, with some micro skiff…”

I think they have the parts listed in the wrong order . It mostly resembles a SOT fishing kayak. Especially with a seat like that. Typically they use a longer paddle with a high seat. 12" is high. Paddle is a subjective thing and everybody chooses differently. If you fish…most any paddle will do. Fishing has generally less paddle more fishing and short distance.

If you stand and paddle a lot look at a sup paddle.

Get the paddle you are comfortable with. Generally most of us have multiple paddles and possibly boats.

Then too micro skiff …get the electric motor.

So presently I’m not using this to fish. My goals is to use it as a recreation kayak to fit some gear and kids on, drop anchor, and go swimming. I use it solo on a lake to do some SUP paddling and/or seated paddling. I’m trying out the switchblade paddle (which is a 300cm adjustable paddle and Sup paddle in one) and I’ll see if that works. Thanks for your thoughts.