Paddle for low water?

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Seems most places I get to paddle at are low water.

Whats the best paddle for low water?

What about shape?

By low water, I mean 12" usually...

When I paddled my home river, The Portage in Ohio, there was numerous times when I could only get about 1/3 of my current paddle into the water.

I paddle an Emotion Advant-Edge Kayak.


At least you’re still paddling
Ryan, you could get a cheap paddle or just keep paddling with what you have.

I use an Aqua Bound Manta Ray and have 4 in the closet because they are all banged up. When they start looking too bad I go buy a new one.

Have fun and enjoy the 12" of water. I’m sure ome here wish they had that much “water”

low water
Trust me, in many areas it isnt even close to that.

There is plenty of spots that my Kayak will get stuck…lol

Short wide blade…
I paddle a lot of shallow water and don’t worry as much about dinging the paddle as I do about tearing up the bottom and sea grass.

The wider blade will give you more bite without going as deep. My GP using friends are advised to also bring a euro to make their life easier.

Same here, but you can use the low
water condition to learn river reading. Come up to a riffle and just wait on it. You will begin to feel the current. As the boat begins to move, look closely ahead for what’s running. You gotta have good boat control, but with some practice, you can gracefully slide through just a few inches.

I used to hate low water, now I enjoy it.

Learn to push your boat with a pole…
and it will open up a whole new world for you. Once you get your poling technique down the only water too shallow for you is water too shallow to float you and your boat. An added advantage is a higher viewpoint from which you can see far more wildlife and possible perils a lot farther than you can from a sitting position.

I wish the power boaters…
were as careful as you are of the sea beds.

I think their favorite pass time is making furrows

I for one thank you.



long narrow blade…
Being narrow, a GP works great in very shallow water. The technique to use is a near-horizontal, partial sliding stroke. This keeps the entire blade buried in just a few inches of water. A GP also makes a good push pole.

I use both of these techniques often with my GP for fishing in the very shallow Mosquito lagoon (near Canaveral).

Greg Stamer

Kayak poling?
Now there’s a brave new frontier! ;^) RK

Does Aqua Bound make a kayak pole?
and How long should the pole be?

and How do you determine the length?

and Do I stand and pole my kayak?

my kayak push pole has

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saved me on many a backcountry excursion to get out of mud similar to quicksand when paddling into unknown backcountry bays and creeks. In low water conditions, these home made stake out poles work to get through a shallow flat quicker than trying to paddle. Great thing to have in the Everglades! I made mine out of a 48" pvc grey pipe and T handle, end can be cut at 45 degrees to make a point. Some use old fiberglass ski poles, etc just be creative. Or get a Dick's stake out pole, yes I also use them as a shallow water anchor.

I don't stand in my kayak or canoe to pole, sitting or kneeling works well.

Junk the kayak, get a canoe.

Okay. Keep the yak, get a canoe.
I won’t discuss the advantages of a canoe over a yak, it’s been discussed in previous posts but this is obviously another plus.

I find a GP great for low water.

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PS Of course that is a GP paddled at a LOW angle.