Paddle Gloves

Looking for recommendations on what type of paddling gloves I should buy. I have a pair of work out gloves but after being wet they shrink when dried out.

NRS or Chota
NRS is Northwest Water Sports. Check out the web sites of for their basic gloves, long and short-fingered, any of them will do fine.

NRS correction

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Actually, NRS stands for Northwest River Supplies, not Northwest Water Sports.


They are an excellent company to deal with.

Jeff P.

3rd NRS.

Oops - thanks NM

Smartwool & NRS
I use thin Smartwool gloves with grip palms in Spring and fall or if I need more grab. They are very warm when wet and maintain their shape and size.

In cold months I use NRS neoprene gloves (and add poggies if kayaking)

Diver gloves
I’ve been using these super-stretchy diver gloves and really like them. They have good dexterity, and don’t have the resistance to bending most neo gloves have. Might be a little warm if you’re hands aren’t in the water all the time (like when using a GP).

If you want to save yourself some $$

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go to Home Depot, stop by their glove section and get yourself a $9.00 pair of CLC Handyman gloves. They're gray and black. It's got a reinforced palm and acts the same as any kayaking glove and they don't shrink at all. I wash them with my clothes all the time. I get real tired of spending $$ on things that are "made for kayaking". Try 'em some time.

For warmth or blisters?
For warmth I recommend Glacier Gloves. I don’t wear gloves for any other reason so I can’t comment.

here’s one

here’s another