Paddle Holder for Pungo 120

Does anyone have any recommendations for a paddle holder to rig on a Pungo 120? I’m surprised for as much as these kayaks are, they do not come with one. I am debating between a clip style or the bungee type.

what for?
Unless you intend on not using your paddle for a long time, you can slide it under the bungee cords on the deck or use a paddle leash.

If you do decide to mount something to hold a paddle you may find that it gets in the way, either banging your hands on it while paddling, or catches on things during self rescues.

In my opinion the smoother you can keep your deck the better off you will be. It is generally a good idea to keep your paddle ready for use, to catch yourself from waves or just general control of the boat.

I had some long ago…
and the clip style was a pain. Different size people need different clearances for their elbows while paddling. I’d recommend the bungee style. You just need one hook, two holes, bungee cord, and you’re done! Low clearance.


Second that
Several of my boats have the bungee style holders, I wouldn’t want clips especially since I have different diameter paddle shafts.

That said, I don’t ever use them.

Simple way
My wife made them for our QCC’s

Just take a small short strap with a fastex buckle.

Twist the stap around one of your deck bungee cords, so it stays in place.

Works great and cost is zero unless you have to buy the buckle and strap. She had all the parts at home

jack L

My wife and I bought Harmony paddle leashes for our Pungos and we liked that they work very well but the wider material doesn’t get in the way - you don’t seem to trip on it and it’s easy to locate and use…

The Pungos are long gone, but we still use the Harmony leashes.

Low cost alternative
Short bungee with a single ball. Pack of four cost around $2. I keep one attached to my deck perimeter/bungee lines. Don’t use it often, but it secures the paddle, keeps my deck clear and doesn’t interfere with anything.

Reasoning for paddle holder.
Good point, I’ll have to try the deck bungees, but i think my paddle would get in the way during casting a fishing rod. I didn’t want to spend the extra 200-300 for an angler version.

I bought a bungee style kit and will give it a whirl.