Paddle Holders

I saw these at a recent club meeting. They are a very nice way to attach your paddle or your spare paddle to your boat:

Have a set I’ll sell you!
They were bulky - and need the strap to hold the shaft. Hooking straps was more than I wanted to mess with. Also, being foam, I could not figure out an attachment method that would stand up to surf on a poly boat.

I opted for a pair of the smaller hard plastic clip type. Worked great. I could pop the paddle in and out one handed from a normal seated position.

The trick is placement. They both need to be behind you. You don’t want them anywhere near the cockpit. Really could screw up self rescues and hurt you. I remounted mine as the first go had one along side the cockpit. Not only was it a snag hazard - I skinned knuckles on it and broke one first use. Live and learn.

This was on a 160 - but I no longer have it and don’t have pictures. Could probably explain final location if interested…

I use these on my Pungo
to hold my primary paddle while I’m a-fish’n, or a-float’n, or a-swimmin’

I have a
diffrent style. Has bungee running thru 2 small loops . Alot less sticking out and get caught on things.

This is the one…

They work great from holding anything from your primary paddle to your AR-15!!! LMAO

Paddle easy,


to Greyak
"This was on a 160 - but I no longer have it and don’t have pictures. Could probably explain final location if interested."

Yes, please explain the placement so they are easy to use but out of the way when both paddling and storing the paddle.

to coffee
Please explain placement for paddling and storage.

might be real nice for a spare
don’t know if I’d want to depend on them or take the time to stash a paddle with them in surf doing a rescue.

I’ll think about them for my rear deck though.

3 Types
It appears we have 3 types of paddle holders. There are the two here and one Tom mentioned on

I see 2 purposes. One is to hold your spare paddle. The other is to hold your primary paddle when not paddling. For the first, everything would need to be out of the way from paddling. For the second, only the holders would need to be out of the way.