Paddle Info For A Rookie

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We are new to the kayaking game and picked up two used tandems - a 14.5 Pamlico, and a 16.5 Perception. Now we need paddles, but didn't know what length, etc., was best for us given the larger boats.

I am about 6'1", and my wife is about 5'8". Since they are tandems, we will also be getting paddles for the kids.

Any thoughts on what would be a good recreational paddle considering the information specified? We are interested in keeping the price down, but want something that will be useful for at least a few years.


Bending Branches Whisper
they are like $60.

The way Tandems are
may require quite different length paddles for the front vs. rear positions. The width of the boat at the front cockpit tends to be much narrower with the bow tapering away so that a shorter paddle may be desirable. The boat at the rear tends to be wider with the mid section ahead being even wider so that a longer paddle with a bit more reach may be desireable. If you can beg or borrow some paddles to try first…

Bending Branch Paddles
Those paddles look pretty good for the price. I didn’t see a local dealer for my area on the site, but I can sure call around. Is 230 a good all-around size, or would I be better off with a 240?

I paddle a 230 and I’m your height. Your wife may want a shorter paddle. I’m not sure how wide those boats are.

Hard to go wrong
with a 230. Seems to do well regardless of paddler/boat size. I you were in a single and a high angle paddler, mabe 220 :slight_smile: Actually you will adjust your style to the paddle. You don’t need more than just the blade immersed in the water, anything more is a wase of effort.

BB Whisper
If you can’t find a local place to buy the Whisper here is a good link to buy one