paddle jacket/spray skirt combo

Somewhere along the way I remember seeing a paddle jacket/spray skirt combo (kind of like a hoodie with the bottom stretched out to fit the coaming) I can’t find it anywhere! Does anyone remember seeing it too? Or am I crazy…wait, don’t answer that. Winter’s coming and any leads you can provide would be much appreciated.


Sierra Trading Post

– Last Updated: Oct-26-05 5:09 PM EST – has them. You may also mean a tuilik Folding Kayak Adventures has them

sprayskirt - paddling jacket
I have a Zyflex Yakjac that is a paddling jacket and sprayskirt combination. It is made of a waterproofed slightly stretchable fabric that has a bungie to seal it around your cockpit. This year I took three extended trips on lake Superior and used it the whole time. The yakjac weighs less than two pounds and I can put it on or take it off while under way in my kayak.

Their website is their name. The yakjac is very comfortable, keeps the water out, and holds well even when I roll.

Seal Suit/Storm Cag?
There is also a seal suit or strom cag. It’s an over everything suit for bad weather. Will go over a drysuit or wetsuit, pfd, and over a spray skirt on the cockpit. Great piece of emergency gear.



Thanks for the info, I thought it was a cool piece of gear when I first saw it. It’s also nice to find someone who’s had some real world Yakjac experience. Do you wear it as a shell with layers underneath or under an outer layer? Also, does it breath, or do you find that you get soggy after a day of paddling?

Thanks for your help

Thanks y’all

I’m pretty impressed
with the zyflex site. reasonable prices


I have a black rock semi-dry top that I use and a goretex dry top as well as my yakjak. All of them get wet on the inside when I paddle! Even the goretex doesn’t breathe enough for me to stay dry inside. The yakjak is as good as the breathable ones, but lighter and more comfortable - and less expensive. In May I paddled on lake Superior when the water was 36F and the air not much warmer. All I wore under the yakjak was a base layer and NRS hydro skin - I was actually on the warm side.

Yak Jak
To bad the Yak Jak doesn’t come with built in inflatable panels. Then you would have a paddle jacket, spray skirt and PFD all in one. How cool would that be?

Reed ChillCheaters
what you may be interested in is on the 2nd page. First page is the drydecks (white water):


Snap Dragon
Snap Dragon has made some drytop/spraydecks for some folks I know. As I understand it, you choose the top and one of their spraydecks and they will build it for you.