Paddle Jacket

I know, I know it’s summer and nobody cares about warm clothes at the moment but my birthday is coming up and I think about extending my paddling season.

I’m living in the Panhandle in Florida and those days all I’m concerned about is over heating and UV protection. I’m wearing UPF50 long sleeve shirts from Columbia all the time.

I wonder what to wear for those cooler days … I’m talking about 60F. I’d like to have all the freedom to move like in a t-shirt. I’d like it to breath when I’m working out (~2 hours) and I’d like it to feel not too wet or hanging on me when it gets splashed at.

I’m not concerned about the impact if I fell in the water (which i did not do a single time in 3 years) because I’m always close to the shore and the water will not be really cold enough to cause me harm. (Two years ago I used my swimming pool all year around … just to test it out … but I eventually caught a good cold.) I’m just thinking about some comfort and to stay warm enough during a workout avoiding to catch a cold.

a neoprene/fuzzyrubber/hydroskin layer
is what i think would fit your bill…

little warmth…great movement…comfy…

Why not add
a synthetic long-sleeved zip-T under tour SPF shirt?

I often wear Kokatat Destination LS shirts, and in cooler weather that is what I do. Adds an amazing amount of warmth and is versitile too.