Paddle leash

I was wanting to know some suggestions on where to bolt a hook or somthing simular to attach my paddle leash?

What boat? NM

if you have
bungee’s on yer fore dec that would word , you could even tie it off on the life line end --which side is yer choice . On occassion I have used one , a 4-5’ lenght o line , tie a bowline round yer paddle shaft small enough so it will NOT pass over the paddle , secure to boat . Some folks like the ones that secure to your wrist . Thats all I have to say , hope it helps . M

boat is a perception sundance 9.5 ft.

How about the front deck bungee?

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My paddle leash has a clip that works very well on the bungees.

What I did
When I had my paddle leashed to my old boat I made a nice stap to hold the paddle out of strapping and velcro and a “D” ring. then just tied it it with a length of line to the bungees. I took up the extra in a sheep shank while in the boat. then when I had to pull ashore for what ever reason (mostly to answer a call) I would pull up close to shore, and throw the paddle into the trees and shrubs. it worked out pretty well. and with the extra long line I was using, I woudln’t normally have to actually tie it.

well anyways, yea, the bungees work well.


You have two “built-in” attachments…

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...they're called "wrists". If you really feel the need for a paddle leash, there are simple wrist leashes available (and it's easy to make one if need be) that are safer and quieter than leashes that attach to the boat.

Some folks use paddle leashes
to stay attached to the boat.

It may not be the “correct” answer for a rec boat like the questioner has, but paddle leashes attached to the boat are considered OK by a number of boaters in a many situations.

It’s very hard to keep a hold on a sit-on-top when you capsize because you simply fall off and don’t have time for a proper “wet exit” with a firm grip on boat and paddle. For SOTs the leash should be attached to the kayak.

The Sundance is not an SOT…
…though the cockpit is large enough that it’s pretty close. :wink: