Paddle lenght question

Hi there I have a concern about the paddle length of the werner Shuna.

I checked the size chart for the high angle werner paddles, and it seems that if i’m 5’9.5", the best paddle length should be 210cm if my boat’s width is under 26", and 215cm if my boat is over 26". My kayak is exactly 26" in width(lol). So I’m wondering if those 5cm will make any difference at all? and should I get the longer paddle?

Get a 2 piece adjustable NM

Paddle length recommendations from websites are only a starting point. Adjustable length is the way to go.

What’s an NM? And why needed?

It’s personal
Some ppl prefer longer, some shorter. Shops usually don’t let you demo paddles, but if you know other paddlers try some different lengths.

If you’re starting out, the 5cm difference wont matter much.

yeah I wanted to test a few paddles, but haven’t had luck, most people I know use long paddles :confused:

But yeah I’m basically a beginner so maybe I’ll adapt to whatever size I choose.

spendy but…
i agree with the others in regards to adjustable length. if you are serious about kayaking, spend the money on an adjustable Epic paddle. they are incredible, and you won’t regret it (after the price shock wears off…)

NM=No message
This is a no brainer! Not sure of the length you want? Get a two piece paddle with length and feather adjustment.

I thought bending branches made an adjustable ferrel. Get a decent paddle at first no need to blow it out. Error on longer at first, the next paddle can be the right one. Another option, is to sit in your boat and put a paddle in the water and put your off hand in front of your face. Note where the shaft is and then add blade size to your measurement.

Ryan L.

Length vs. Cadence
The key to paddle length is paddler comfort and cadence rather than an absolute chart. In general, longer paddles slow the cadence and require more force, resulting in increased fatigue. They will also provide more force (kind of like a high gear on a bicycle), resulting in a higher top speed. Shorter paddles increase cadence, reduce force, fatigue, and top end.

So, there is a point of diminishing returns with both long and short paddles and, ideally, you will use a paddle that provides you with a cadence and power you need to maintain both comfort and speed. This varies greatly from paddler to paddler and, as others have pointed out, best learned from experience.

Generally, a paddle that is a bit too long is going to be a bigger problem than a paddle that is a bit too short, but the size difference you cite here will probably not be terribly significant.


get the longer one
You really won’t notice that big a difference in 5 cm, BUT at your height and the kayak’s width, you might find yourself banging your fingers on the gunwales while paddling with the shorter one.

Beyond the manufacturer’s basic recommendation, factors like whether you have long or short arms for your height (I have short arms so I always go for the next side UP) and the depth of your cockpit also affect the paddle length to angle ratios. That’s why it’s ideal to be able to test the length on the water before you buy.

Advantages of adustable length
There are times and conditions when you want both longer and shorter paddles. YOU will change and being able to change the paddle as well will save you a lot of money in the long run. Think about it. Make an adjustment to a paddle or buy a different paddle?

brands with adjustable length?
Yea that would be the best, do you know good paddle brands that have the adjustable paddle length option?

Bending branches, epic, AT of adventure technology I believe has one. Onno.

There might be more. But bb will probably the most affordable.

Having paddles with and without, I really like the ability. mostly because the feather angle is infinite and in rougher water I like a shorter paddle. As you paddle more you will notice cm increment changes.

Ryan L.

Epic and Bending Branches certainly have variable length paddles. As does Onno. I could not find any AT paddles with variable length. But in any event there are three great choices. I myself would prefer Onno and talking to Patrick is very helpful in deciding what would be good for you. Remember, buying a $400 paddle that is adjustable msy save you from buying multiple paddles in fixed length.