paddle length for kneeling

i’ve been kneeling in my rob roy and think i need a longer paddle. been using a 52-inch zav power surge. that’s what i use to race C1 boats.

anyone else use a longer paddle for kneeling versus sit and switch?

kneeling style
If you are calling placing both knees on the bootom of the hull and leaning back on a kneeling thwart, you can probably use the same paddle you do for sitting. I use this style.

If you are really “kneeling”, one knee on the hull and the other leg placed forward with your foot on the hull, you will need a longer paddle.

i’m talking both knees
not that olympic stuff.

just curious
here in the Northeast, one kneels in a C1. Some pix here.

What are you sitting in?

Usually hit and switch seats
are pretty low.

Ergo the paddle shaft is relatively short.

You are taller when kneeling. So the shaft needs to be longer.

The correct length of the shaft is all that matters. I wish paddles were sized with that in mind. The blade does not count. It should all be in the water.

Take a dowel and hold it like a paddle and lower it into the water. The dry part is your shaft length.

54" for me
My Zav came at 54" and after paddling it a bit I decided to stay with that rather than cut it down.

I generaly kneel with my butt on a bench seat 8" to 9" high over the keel line. I’m 5’8" with a 30" inseam (short legs = longish torso).

I’m told I should keep my top hand level with my eyes or a bit lower when the blade is in the water.

54" seems to work for me.

if you’re under 5’4"…then you’re ok…
but if any taller…you should be going longer…FACT. As said…actually depends on what you’re sitting on…or height/posture you’re kneeling.