paddle length for PAMLICO 145T?

I did the usual searches but found nothing conclusive.

What is the recommended paddle length for the WILDERNESS SYSTEMS PAMLICO 145T (poly)?

Got an inexpensive paddle to recommend for it?

Thanks in advance,


I’ve paddled the 145 some with my 220 AT Exception and have done just fine. I do like a more vertical stroke.

225-230 would be OK, no longer IMO.

good and cheap? dream on. Decent and inexpensive…the AT straight shaft is $100 and not bad, tho the neutral wrist, anatomical bent shaft for $170 is even better.


whom works for Confluence who makes the Pam and the AT

How about a canoe paddle?
Swedge calls his Pam a plastic Kruger. Paddle length depends also on torso height.

I use a 30 dollar Estuary for my pamlico 140. Im thinking of upgrading to a 220 Carbon paddle someday.

WOW, is that subliminal or what?!?!

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Quite unusualy, I'm buying my PAMLICO 145T for the primary purpose of sailing it (with the bonus of being able to efficiently paddle). I saw the KRUGER cruising canoes a while back and immidiately thought how advantageous the design would be (more efficient paddling than my current open canoe). Of course the materials and cost were just as quickly off-putting (only poly for me). :(

It's funny you should mention the PAMLICO 145t's resembalance to the Kruger, I hadn't consciously noticed it before, but there defintiely is a resemblance.

I'm rather short (my DNA is likely mixed with that of Welsh mountain goats), so a slightly longer paddle would be the correct choice (or do I have that reversed?)? (230cm perhaps?)

Much obliged.


I have a 135T and my wife and I use
230s because that was what the dealer sold us when we purchased the boat and didn’t know better. They work OK but I would try the sizing chart on the Werner website:

There is a question #8 that is not shown on the link that will apear after you answer #7 that asks for the width of the boat.

Good luck.

Try Aquabound paddles
Relatively inexpensive, good quality, and great customer service from the manufacturer.