Paddle length for rapidfire

I recently purchased a used rapidfire. Trying to determine what paddle length and blade size to purchase. I am 5’10" tall. Most of my paddling will be at a moderate cadance. I will often paddle upriver against a slow to moderate current. Found some good deals on AT exception paddles on a website, but the sale ends tomorrow. Would 230cm. with OS blades seem to be the proper length and blade size for my style of paddling.

I have used
a 230cm Werner Ikelos with my RF. It worked great. I’m 6’ tall. I have since moved on to a 48" single bent blade. For the most part, I just go on day trips to fish, but I typically cover about 10-12 miles.

Paddle length
I use a Werner Kalliste 230cm with my Spitfire.

It should work

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unless you are very tall torsoed.

The 230 AT Exception Tour is what I use in my RapidFire with a low angle stroke. I am 5'5" and could go down a little.

But for a complete hijack I love my 240 cm Aleut paddle. RF flies with that for some reason even though 240 ought to induce a lot of yaw.

Have you had it in the water yet.
Try the 230 .

Have not paddled the rapidfire.
I’ll have a 4-day weekend coming up next week and hope to paddle at least one day, if the weather is nice. Would not want to go for a swim on a cold day.

Factory recommends
The factory suggests 230 cm, either AT OS or Werner Kalliste.

Local racers often use 220cm Werner Ikilos, using a very vertical stroke.

Both are shorter than those used with other pack canoes, because the characteristic significant Pb tumblehome encourages more vertical strokes than those possible over the rail of flared double paddle pack canoes.

This post makes me a little sad.
I am no longer in the RF club.

Paddle for Rapidfire
I use an Aleut paddle that is identical to Kim’s in my Rapidfire and yes, it does “fly”.

Kim, your Rapidfire doesn’t yaw with the Aleutian paddle out of respect for the Aleutian songs you sing while paddling with it.

Because of a rebuilt shoulder I need to use a low angle stroke or my shoulder will scream at me. With a higher angle stroke (which the Rapidfire asks for) a shorter paddle would be preferable and I’m sure the recommended 230 would be fine.


The CobraSox railed Rapids weigh in at 25 lbs, and the new Shadow, 16’X 25 max 22"wl, absolutely flies at 27 lbs in CS. Club membership is always open

Hooch,I used a 54" Zav with the RF,
but I’ve got several inches height on you and most of it in my torso.

230 cm Werner Little Dipper
I’m 5 ft 7 in, with a long torso and long arms; use a low angle stroke for long distance touring.

Also if you are a senior citizen like myself, you might want to consider using a fiberglass paddle vs. carbon fiber, as carbon fiber has no flex.


If you don’t mind could you tell me how much a used rapidfire sold for? Also how old was it? Wood or the other type of material for the gunnals. Thx… seems like they are really hard to find used which means to me that once you buy one of those, including the Spitfire then that’s it. nothing lighter and stronger. I saw a Spitfire 12 for sale through the classifieds here in Florida but that’s to far. I was thinking that the Spitfire 13 would be perfect for me to paddle nice and easy on the NFCT, but the Rapidfire sure looks nice and fast…thx