Paddle length for sit-on-top

Holy Canoli Batman! I finally convinced my brother to buy a yak! He spent the weekend paddling around in a Perception Caster 12.5 and is in love. I’m picking it up for him where I live and will be delivering it in a couple days. I will also pick him up a cheap and nasty paddle to start out…and then he can choose what he wants. He is 6’2" tall. I haven’t seen the Caster to see how deep you actually sit…but do you think if I buy a 230 all should be well? I will do a search tomorrow but I just got the word to go pick up his new toy and was so excited I had to share!

Thanks for the input.

230 Sounds Good
230 sounds good for a first paddle. He may want to go a little shorter on the next one

I’m 6’2"
I’ve used a 230, but like a 240 better.

Also depends on shaft/blade sizes
On my SOT I liked a 240, but that was a Werner San Juan that had big blades. Its shaft was shorter than many 230s.

Paddles matter at least as much as the boat. Also, don’t overlook the quality/weight of the paddle. My SOT cost me $625. The Werner was $240. Maybe overkill for some, but I put a lot of miles on it (1500 on that paddle and it was still in near new condition when I sold it). It blew away the cheaper paddle before it and was worth every penny. Except for used, and a WRC GP, I have not bought a paddle worth less than $300 since -and have not regretted it.

The better the paddle, the better the paddling experience. When $ is tight, buy used boats so you can afford a better paddle.

It SHOULD be holy KAYAX, PADDLEMAN!, fran…

I’ve used an 240 Aqubound Seaclude for years on my OK S-Pro TW, and it works for me. The S-Pro is 26" wide, and I’ve got long arms, but I also like a longer, slower cadenced, flatter stroke, and carry it farther aft than I should, but correct for it, and it works for me.

OTOH, I’m using Sally’s Infusion Dream crankshaft these days for a lot of my paddling (when she’s not using it, of course) and that’s good, too. I use it more vertically, with more torso rotation and less arm/shoulder involvement, and that works, too…

We got the Dram on sale for $95, the Seaclude for $90, and all our other paddles wre bought used for under $100. They’re adequate, but as Greyak correctly points out, it IS the second biggest investment in your package, and a good one IS better than a mediocre one.

And they’re both MILES ahead of the intro-level ones…

OTOH, you can provide an el cheapo $35 paddle, and after a while, surprise him with a $100-$125 intermediate one layer this summer, and he;ll feel like he’s gone to paddle heaven! (Just don’t EVER let him feel one of the carbon fibre models, tho’…)

A better paddle makes it a LOT nicer to


-Frank in Miami

once you go carbon fiber you DONT go back!!

51 inches is good
Any size from about 48 to 52 should be OK. Anything longer is too big for a boat that is so low to the water.

Thanks Everyone! I have a plan…

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Buy ME a new paddle, let him use my cheap and nasty 230 model (Ok just for a couple weeks to see about the length!) I always buy the budget model with every intention of splurging after a few weeks/months...and then delay the new purchase because I wasted 50 bucks on a budget purchase. So-he gets to trash out my paddle and then we will hit the stores and buy each other (how's that for taking care of each other's birthdays!) a real somewhat-tasty serious paddle. I remember taking my "nasty" paddle to a 17 mile race last summer because I knew the water was shallow and I'd be hittin bottom at times. I finally borrowed a friends spare about half way through and that little bit of weight I didn't have to contend with was all the difference I needed to get a decent second wind. You are all so right about the value of the paddle.

This is the first time I will have a new boat on my car. He even got to choose the boat's color! What a concept! Thanks again.

Swedge-that’s what I’m told…
who knows…if baby bro and I are getting along while we are at the paddle shop maybe we will splurge and buy each other a tasty carbon paddle.

Blade sizes, an issue or not?

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After talking to Barton last Feb., I understood why everyone only pays attention to the size of the shaft and not the blade.

Under proper forward stroke the blade must be fully submerged (at least) to the point where one inch of the shaft is submerged as well.

Therefore, the blade size is not part on the equation regarding to paddle size.

Of course, under proper forward stroke...


Since listed lengths are OVERALL…
… blade size DOES indeed matter for exactly the reasons you mentioned.

IF the lengths given for paddles were shaft lengths - than blade length would not matter for stroke - except as it related to power needed, effect on stroke rate, etc.

We are making the same point different ways.

Yep! I understand your point…