Paddle Length for SOT and KSW

I have a Tarpon 160 now and a Kruger Sea Wind on order. I also have a Werner Kaleste carbon bent 230 cm. I find that with the SOT I use a high angle stroke and bury my paddle.

I am looking at a second paddle and wonder what would work well for both of these boats. I am thinking about a 220 cm.

Any help?

Sort of a personal preference thing, but I really liked a Werner San Juan 240 with the Tarpon 160. It’s a wide boat and I liked both the full reach and larger blades (the blades being big enough that the 240 San Juan has a shaft length more like a 230).

For comparison, I like a 215-220 (or less) with a 21" sea kayak, and somewhere around a 212-215 wing with same and surf ski. Paddle sea kayak mostly with Greenland paddle now (223.5"). If I still had a T160 - I’d still use the San Juan.

Epic Length lock
Is a nice feature, My 215-225 covers all my needs.

I have often remarked that paddleshops sell many beginners paddles that are too long.

Sell paddles too long for what?
I agree with you up to a point (point being paddles for narrower sea kayaks), but having paddled a while are you taking into consideration what many beginners are paddling? SOTers? 28" and wider beams are not uncommon.

Overall length is not the whole story either. I had a 240 with a shaft that was shorter than a 230 I had - and not much longer than the shaft on my 210-220 adjustable wing. That 240 had long blades.

Paddle length doesn’t the whole story. Shaft length matters.

Greyak-did you really say that last
sentence?? LOL!

Neo, you ask a lot of questions
but apparently pay attention to the answers. I applaud your choice of boats. If you ever decide to have a garage sale, let me know.

Thickness too!

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Shape and size of...

Yes, meant it - both ways :)

On the serious side - just saying 220cm doesn't really tell anyone much about a paddle. Having 8 paddles so far, all very different, euros 210-240, GPs, and an adjustable wing, have made that very clear. Now if only I had some surf (and a surf boat) I could try really short ones...

220 should be fine
I’m comfortable with a 218 Epic in my 26" wide Scupper Pro and 30" wide Cabo. If I had it to do over again, though, I’d go with an adjustable, probably 210-220 but maybe 215-225.

I like a 220 in my Tarpon,but my
knuckles kept hitting the side carry handles, so I got a 230.

Sea Wind
Paddle your Sea Wind with a single blade paddle, preferably the 50-inch Zav that Mark will almost certainly recommend.

I’m in the same boat!
really. I have a tarpon120 w/ a 230 and I find that I’m doing the same thing. Im considering a 220, but I dont wanna blow another 175 or so. Also looking towards a wider/shorter paddle blade. Let us know if you find anything that works out for you.

Go Greyak. I wish everyone would
tell me their shaft size. No offense to or intended exclusion of the fairer sex here either. It makes more sense given the range of blade lengths out there. This is the reason I build all of my blades in the same length … interchangability. How to get everyone to go by this method is another thing. Imagine the poor shop guys placeing their orders for the summer season.

Side note, verging on hypocrisy as I work on a small wing though… has to be shorter too.

Less Questions
I am asking much fewer questions now because I have the gear and am working with it and learning. Just a few more things to pick up.

Thanks for all the great advice from everyone. This is a great board and a really big help to those that are new.

Single Blade
I used to do a lot of canoeing and really disliked the single blade. I find the double blade paddles so much more efficient.

Trial of 2 Werner Paddles
I really like my Werner paddle. I have arranged to do a trial of a 220 cm Little Dipper and a Shuna both carbon, bent.

I think the Shuna might be more efficient but with this stupid back problem I think the Little Dipper might cause less back strain.

I agree on the double blade.
I find sweeping, bracing , and stroking about the same in my solo canoe as I did in my kayaks and I don’t have to worry about J strokes,Canadian strokoes, or whatever. I can just get it.

used to paddle a W/S Feedom
same problem. Finally got fed up and removed the side handles. Didn’t have any affect on carry, since I usually carried it by the thighstrap (after installing brass eyelets).